Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pink Parking Spaces For High Heel Wearers?

Photo, Context.org

Photo, Context.org

Just read this strange post on ShoeBlog

This does not appear to be a joke. Time Magazine is reporting the following from Seoul, Korea:

“In May, the city government started to paint 4,929 public and private parking places pink throughout the city, with thousands more slated to go under the brush next year. The pink parking spots, reserved for women drivers so they don’t have to walk so far to work or the mall, are part of the South Korean capital’s Women Friendly Seoul Project, an effort for the notoriously macho Asian city of more than 10 million to transform itself into a safer, more heel-friendly “space for women.”

Instead of creating “heel-friendly” parking spaces, why not encourage women to wear safer, more comfortable shoes?

church001If they keep wearing high heels, they may end up using the blue parking spaces…

What do you think?

1 comment:

sagar said...

well that hilarious and exciting. pink parking places for womens wearing high heels. what would YOU do for mens.


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