Friday, October 23, 2009

Z-CoiL's "Best Idea On TWO Feet" Video Contest

The "Best Idea on Two Feet"
Z-CoiL footwear commercial contest

3 Winners, over $5,500 in cash & prizes AND the ability to have your commercial aired across the country!

Create a unique and original commercial for Z-CoiL Footwear and you could WIN BIG!

Make us laugh. Make us cry. Make us stand up and cheer! Make it something you’d want to see on TV.
Maybe it’s about your pain management, or how you can walk again because of Z-CoiL shoes; maybe it’s about your individuality, or a way to stand out; maybe it’s your way of staying on your feet longer and working harder than your co-workers; or maybe it’s your zany obsession with all things coiled.

Whatever it is; you write it. You cast it. You direct and shoot it. You have total creative control!
For official rules and to learn more visit the contest website at

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My feet frequenly swell. Why and how do I minimize it?

Question: My feet frequenly swell. Why does this happen and how can I minimize it?

Answer: Your feet and ankles swell when fluid in the blood escapes from capillaries and accumulates in tissues, a condition known as peripheral edema. Causes range from benign to serious and include being overweight, long periods of standing, lengthy car or airplane rides, warm weather, and menstrual periods.

Most remedies work by improving circulation and returning fluid to blood vessels. Get regular exercise (contracting leg muscles helps the veins pump blood back to the heart), and lose weight if you need to. When sitting or standing in one position for a long time, stretch your legs and move around every couple of hours. Support hose, which you can buy at drugstores, also promote good circulation, and consider cutting your salt intake to a teaspoon or less daily, which helps reduce water retention.

In none of these remedies seems to help, a medical issue such as heart failure, kidney failure or side effects of prescription medications may be to blame. Work with your doctor to rule out these more serious causes.

For more information on swollen feet, click here.