Thursday, April 30, 2009

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April 29, 2009
These shoes make us think of Flubber, but they've got us walking on sunshine.

When we saw these on Helena Bonham Carter, we thought: something from her latest Gothy kids' flick? But it turns out Z-CoiLs, shoes with shock-absorbing metal springs for heels, are a hit all over Hollywood, spotted on Dustin Hoffman, Lenny Kravitz, Margaret Cho and Robert DeNiro. We desperately seek comfy shoes. Still, could we pull off the Z-CoiL?

Nancy and Ed from the Torrance store set us up:

  • We got star treatment. Everyone who buys Z-CoiLs gets a custom fitting. Nancy felt our foot bones and studied how we stand and walk.

  • Our shoes were tricked out. Nancy and Ed worked for 45 minutes, cutting and placing insteps, heel grips and arches until the shoes were a perfect fit. The shoes come with free "tune-ups" for life.

  • We got surprise exercise. Turns out learning to walk on Z-CoiLs works the core.

The verdict: They have the ugly charm of a Cabbage Patch Kid. But Z-CoiLs are outrageously fun to wear, every bit as springy as we'd expected and then some. We wanted to bounce around all day, and they're said to be comfortable enough to wear for miles without getting sore or tired.

And they kinda made us feel like celebrities.

Such as The Easter Bunny.

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