Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time for a Tune-Up? They're Free!

Add life to your shoes and a spring in your step!

Pain can change the way you walk. For example, if your right heel hurts, you transfer your weight to your left foot. Then your hip starts feeling sore and your back hurts.

Specially trained Z-CoiL® distributors take all your aches and pains into account when they custom-fit you in Z-CoiL® shoes. Their goal is to have you on your way to feeling a lot better – maybe even by the time you walk out the door.

The problem is that pain can shift, and you cant anticipate how you will feel a month, six months, or a year after wearing our shoes. If your Z-CoiL® shoes don’t feel quite right any more, getting a simple footwear “tune-up” may do the trick and soon have you feeling comfortable on your feet again.

Z-CoiL® shoes are unique “equipment for the feet,” complete with moving parts. So just as you would take your car in for regular maintenance, we encourage you to do the same with your Z-CoiL® footwear. We want you to continue to get the best performance from your shoes and maintain the best fit possible. That’s why we offer free adjustments for the lifetime of your footwear.

Free Tune-Up Checklist

  • We tighten your coils and inspect them for wear, damage, or fatigue.
  • We can change or adjust the insoles and arches to ensure you are getting proper support.
  • We watch how you walk in the shoes to determine whether other adjustments are needed.
  • We ask you about any pain issues you are experiencing and re-adjust the shoes for maximum comfort.
  • We polish the uppers to make your footwear look like new again.

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