Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Testimonial of the Month for February 2009

This month's testimonial comes in from Avon, IN.

Due to Chemotherapy, my wife suffered from extreme neuropathy in her feet. In the beginning, it was so bad she couldn’t even walk. For two days we had to wheel her around in her computer chair until the wheelchair arrived. She couldn’t even go grocery shopping without using the wheelchair. At night when we were sleeping, she would wake up screaming if I accidentally bumped her feet. In June of last year, she even had to quit the job she loved very much.

Months passed by, and her quality of life went down to almost zero. She was in pain 24/7. To lighten the mood we would call her feet "Happy Feet" after the movie, because she always had to gently hop from foot to foot when she did manage to stand. This product, Z-CoiL, which I was at first leery of has been a God send. The results were so impressive we even bought her another pair!

I am so grateful Z-CoiL shoes have given my wife her life back. Instead of sitting around the house, worrying and feeling despondent, she has gone back to work (8 hours a day, no less) on concrete floors; as happy as a lamb once again. She can go anywhere; do anything, as long a she has on Z-CoiL shoes. I am so impressed! I posted your shoes on my Vietnam Company’s website. Due to Agent Orange and its effects, many Vets have problems that we think this can help. Z-CoiL needs to go to one of the VA hospitals and introduce your shoes. You can help so many regain their lives back. Thank you so much for your product, it works! It’s not hype!

Avon, IN

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