Sunday, November 9, 2008

November Testimonial of the Month

One of the most rewarding aspects of my position here at Z-CoiL is maintaining our customer testimonial database. It is just so touching to hear how our footwear really changes people's lives for the better. Every month we select a customer's inspirational story to be featured as the Testimonial of the Month. I would like to share those with you each month, and please feel free to add your story to the blog.

Over five years ago, I was anticipating having to use wheelchair because of my Plantar Fasciitis, flat feet, super flexible ankles, and massive pain in both my feet and back. I could only be on my feet for an hour before pain forced me to sit. I had begun to hunch over just to compensate for the pain. I had tried many shoe inserts but with very little relief. I was working full time on cement floors teaching music. On Wednesday, before Thanksgiving, I got my first pair of Z-Coil shoes. On that Friday I went shopping with my daughter for 10 hours with very little pain by the end of the day! I never went back to any other shoes for over four years. I now own six pair of Z-CoiL shoes and they are all I wear. My favorite style is the hiking boot. They give my ankles the best support for those uneven surfaces. Now, I can even wear other shoes for several hours but I always go back to my Z-CoiL shoes. I have traveled to many areas of the world including
the Mediterranean and The Panama Canal. Everywhere I go people ask about my Z-CoiL shoes. Once every two years I return to my foot doctor to get my inserts rebuilt but I still have my first pair of Z-CoiL Shoes and still love them. Because of the quality construction, they are holding up very well. In Rome I even crossed through two feet of rushing water and soaked my boots. They dried out overnight and are just fine. I have saved a lot of money on Doctor bills and avoided surgeries on my feet thanks to Z-CoiL. The best thing of all is NO MORE PAIN!
Thank you so very much.

Bellevue, NE
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